Metal recycling Round Rock

Why Recycle Metal? To Save Mother Nature

Electronic components

Recycling metal helps the environment by reducing waste. When metal items are reused or recycled, fewer new materials are needed to produce new products. This saves energy, resources, and protects Mother Nature.

Common recyclables:

  1. Aluminum cans – Recycling the tons of cans used worldwide for soda and other beverages is a huge step towards helping the Earth.

Aluminum cans

Recycling the tons of cans

  • Old car wheel frames – Wheel frames are recyclable. Saving our planet is worth the effort to find a location that recycles them near you!

Old car wheel frames

Wheel frames are recyclable

  • Batteries – When you take used, recyclable batteries to a qualified recycling center or store collection bin near you, you are doing your part to preserve natural resources.


  • Electronic components – Computer chips and other electronic components can be recycled!Many municipal websites list locations for taking electronics for recycling and reuse. Don’t throw away old devices when you upgrade! Instead, recycle them and do your part to save the planet and reduce pollution.

Electronic components

All American Recycling is the best place for Metal Recycling! Bring your Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals to our convenient Austin, TX location.

  1. Ferrous metals – Containing iron, these metals are perfect for recycling.
  2. Non-ferrous metals – Some non-ferrous metals, including copper and aluminium, are recyclable. Visit our website, or call us at 512-243-1183 to learn more.
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