Auto Parts Recycling Austin

Here are the types of auto parts recycling Austin we pay top prices for. Click on an image below to enlarge the thumbnail and view the slideshow:

We Buy Auto Parts

Do you need to get rid of an old part you replaced? Do you own an auto shop? Either way, auto parts recycling is rewarding. You get to walk away with money for your metal. In addition, you feel good knowing that you made difference in the environment.

What Auto Parts To Recycle

Before you take your entire old car to our Austin metal scrap yard, make sure you cancel your car insurance and remove license plates. In addition, let your insurance agent know you plan to recycle your vehicle. Keeps records of your sales in case anything happens to the car after it leaves your possession.

Now you are ready to reap the rewards of recycling your auto parts for payment!

Cars are full of scrap metal. Retired vehicles have steel, aluminum, and other valuable metals. From engines and transmissions to doors and hoods, find scrap metal in the chassis, the exterior body, and in the inner workings of the car.

Recycle Carburetors, Radiators, Wheels

Depending on your experience or tools, it may be worth extracting components to sort and clean them. Firstly, carburetors are worth separating out, as they bring more money by themselves. Secondly, radiators and wheels are two more items that are worth your time to separate out. Lastly, the lead in your car battery is also recyclable.

Recycle Auto Aluminum

Cars are mostly made of iron, aluminum, and steel. All these metals are valuable and recyclable. Aluminum is the least valuable. The rewarding part about selling aluminum is that it can be processed and made into another product within a few months. Recycling aluminum also saves 80% of the energy that was used to originally make it.

Steel and iron command a bit more money. That is why heavy chunks of metal on your vehicle are more valuable.

The best way to recycle scrap metal is to take it to a local metal scrap yard, like All American Recycling. We weigh your scrap load and pay you out based on the fair market value of the day. In addition, you can always call ahead to ask about our prices for different types of scrap metal.

Recycle Car Batteries

Car batteries are the single most commonly recycled item in the U.S. Most become new batteries, while their plastic and lead may also be used for other products. Before you sell your used car battery, always take necessary precautions for handling it. For example, use gloves to avoid touching any acid or lead. Additionally, make sure not to store them in high temps or around open flames.

Recycle Catalytic Converters – Visit this page

NOTE: House Bill 4110, signed into law by Gov. Abbott in June 2021, made it a felony to steal a catalytic converter or buy or sell a stolen one. To legally sell a used catalytic converter in Texas, the seller must provide proof of ownership and fingerprints. Please bring the title of your car to sell a catalytic converter to us.

Recycle Starters and Recycle Alternators

Starters and alternators are part of the power supply chain in your car. In addition, these are a great resource for scrap copper and steel. Many times, these parts are refurbished to be used again in other cars or broken down for their materials.

Consider that copper takes 200 to 500 years to decompose. Therefore, selling your alternator and starter is a great way to help save the environment and earn extra money.

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