Electronics and Computer Recycling Austin, Texas

Why Recycle Computers?

Computer recycling in Austin has become a major industry in today’s world. For example, there are a vast number of high tech companies in Austin, Texas. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to consider where to recycle old computers. With the low cost of computers and rapidly changing software, and many businesses replacing their computers every 3-5 years, the number of assets needing disposal has skyrocketed.  Large businesses and individuals alike have difficulty disposing their old computer assets. This is because environmental regulations can prohibit them from being consigned to landfills. Computer recycling is the obvious answer to this problem.

Many computer assets contain toxins and carcinogens, including lead, mercury and other dangerous materials. It is essential that they be disposed of properly in order to prevent them from contaminating local water supplies.

On the positive side, computer assets contain a number of valuable, recoverable materials such as gold, iron, aluminum and many plastics that can be reclaimed. Proper computer recycling can provide for reclamation of precious metals while at the same time protecting our fragile environment.

In addition to safely reclaiming many of the metals and plastics, with computer recycling it is possible to harvest a number of components that are suitable for reuse.  For computer recycling in Austin, All American Recycling ensures that your assets are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

For Computer Recycling in Austin, All American Recycling is Your Solution

All American Recycling can handle your computer disposal problems while providing you with a source of revenue. We deal directly with metal mills. Eliminating the “middle man” allows us to contain costs. Therefore, we can offer you the best possible prices on your recyclable computer components and electronics.

All American Recycling buys computers, computer peripherals and computer components. In addition, we buy well as other electronic devices such as surge protectors and mobile phones.

Do you have a single computer or a truckload of assets? All American Recycling commits to providing businesses and individuals with environmentally friendly computer recycling and the best possible prices.

Give us a call or use our handy Contact Form whenever you have computer assets that need to be recycled!

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