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All American Recycling
Average rating:  
 28 reviews
by Colin Wheeler on All American Recycling
Answer questions

The people here are great! They have always been willing to answer questions about the grading as well as help with sorting if they arent too busy.

by Elena P. on All American Recycling
They Go Above and Beyond

The entire staff is great! (From entry, to special areas, to the office) Everyone is friendly and incredibly helpful. They are always willing to educate you on how you can make more money recycling various metals, they have a frequent donor card, the rates are always fair, & if you see an item of interest onsite - they will make you a deal if you want to purchase it.

They earn all five stars because I feel they go above and beyond. For example, during the summer when the Texas heat can really make people cranky they remain friendly and helpful...by offering water while you wait for your paperwork to be processed.

by Cassie Williams on All American Recycling
Worth the drive

After going to Gardner and being offered $30 for a catalytic converter (1994 f350 w/460) we looked through reviews and came out to All American. Helpful friendly staff, great selection of scrap for purchase. They took the time to cut open and look at the cat, which granted takes time. Walked out with $230 and definite plans to return! Note they can't give you pricing on phone for these - they're unique. Worth the drive.

by Mike McLynn on All American Recycling
More than I expected

All American Metal Recycling definitely worthy of four stars... people are great knowledgeable... the facility is organized and relatively clean ...the lines are relatively tolerable ...organized which is a very big deal for me and their prices are fair... I always walk away with a little more than I expected which is Pleasant

by Alina Beckert on All American Recycling
Run a tight ship

They run a tight ship here, all the guys are respectful and quick. Overall, if you're gonna recycle aluminum, scrap metal ect, I'd suggest coming here.

by Toni Bryan on All American Recycling
Working even in the heat

Best recycling place in the Austin area. People complain about slow service, which is totally untrue. It's 110° outside...let me reiterate...ITS 110° OUTSIDE. These guys are working in the heat, moving heavy items, all day long, wearing hot, protective clothing. Give them a break, people...be patient! I've never had an issue with getting my money in a timely manner, either. The employees are all very friendly and polite when I deal with them. They answer any questions I may have, and don't talk down to me because I'm a woman, which I appreciate very much. Thanks, guys!😘

by Lopez Ortega on All American Recycling

First time recycling and glad it was with them. This place and the people are very prompt, friendly and organized. Took a bunch of scrap metal from cleaning out land and got $115 for it. The price all depends on the type of metal of course but I'm very pleased with what I got. I will be returning here for all other metal and can recycling needs.

by Laura M. on All American Recycling

Long line, expected few hour wait.lots of "dummies" ahead of us."major props" to Big young man at main scale. Friendly, no frills, butt bustin! Watched him unload a TON of iron for a disabled gent in 30 seconds flat! Never lost a step! Need more like him! Great work ethic..def be back..

by Jean Clark on All American Recycling

Everyone is so friendly and they have the best prices in Austin!!

by Daylen Sandoval on All American Recycling

I have been going to All American for about 4 years now. Every time Im tempted to go somewhere else they seem to get to me with their great prices and amazing customer service. The best place in the metro area.

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