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Get Top Dollar for Your Recyclable Metal and Electronics

When it comes to metal recycling Dripping Springs, All American Recycling is the obvious choice. Located in Austin, All American Recycling serves the electronics, auto parts and metal recycling needs of Dripping Springs and surrounding communities since 1984.

All American Recycling is a family owned and operated metal recycling company. Furthermore, we commit to offering the best customer service and top prices on scrap metal and electronics. Please call 512-243-1183 for current pricing on scrap metals.

Metal Recycling

At All American Recycling, we buy and sell recyclable metal, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, copper and aluminum.

No Minimum or Maximum Load Limits

Whether you want to recycle just one item or a lot, at All American Recycling we make it simple. Firstly, we don’t have minimum limits on the amount you can recycle. So why toss that old lawn mower when we pay you top dollar? Got a large quantity of recyclable metal or electronic components? That’s not a problem.

Secondly, our friendly staff will assist you in sorting through your items. We weigh them using our Texas Commission on Environmental Quality registered digital scale. This ensures you get paid the highest possible prices for your salvage materials.


Have electronic components to recycle? We recycle computer components including mother boards, keyboards, hard drives, and much more.

Scrap Auto Parts

At All American Recycling, we also buy and sell recyclable auto parts. For instance, this includes alternators, engine blocks, batteries, torque converters and even entire vehicles!

Commercial Recycling Accounts Available

For Dripping Springs businesses with larger quantities and recurring recycling needs, we provide scheduled pick-ups. We can even deliver collection containers to your home or business to make it easier than ever to go green. Call us at 512-243-1183 about setting up a commercial account.

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Environmentally-Friendly Metal Recycling

At All American Recycling, we. strive to be a good corporate neighbor. Firstly, we support local Dripping Springs civic groups, schools and businesses. Secondly, we work with local law enforcement agencies to help recover stolen auto parts, electronics and metals like aluminum and copper.

We comply with all State and National EPA rules and regulations.

To heighten awareness of the many benefits of metal recycling, we offer group tours of our facility. Call us today to schedule a guided tour for your school, daycare center, summer camp, civic organization or business.

For electronics and metal recycling, and customer service that’s second to none in Dripping Springs, All American Recycling is the answer.

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