How is Scrap Metal Processed?

scrap metal recyclingScrap metal processing involves the same basic steps as most other recycling processes. Although it requires a lot of energy, it’s a rather quick, and straight forward process that includes seven steps.

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Step 1: Scrap Metal Collection and Transportation

During this first step in the process, recyclable metals are collected and transported to the recycling facility. Recyclers typically offer pick up and drop off services for individuals and organizations that generate a lot of scrap metal.

Step 2: Sorting

When materials arrive at the scrap metal recycling plant, they are first sorted. Sorting is done to separate ferrous metals, which typically contain iron and are magnetic, from nonferrous metals.   Additional sorting separates these recyclable metals from other metals and materials that are not recyclable.  High quality recycled metals can only be produced if the original materials used in the recycling process are of similarly high quality.

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