Benefits of Computer Recycling

Computer recycling in Austin, TexasComputer recycling is big business worldwide. Over the past few decades, computer hardware and software have gotten better and less expensive. As a result, individuals and businesses frequently replace their obsolete computer equipment every few years, creating the need for stringent local, state and national environmental regulations designed to keep hazardous materials found in computers and peripherals from ending up in landfills.

These hazardous materials include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and other toxic heavy metals.

According to a 2013 EPA study, Americans generated approximately 2.37 million tons of electronics waste in 2009, and 75 percent was incinerated or disposed of in landfills.

In addition to the environmental impact, disposing of computers and other electronics in landfills also presents a privacy risk.  Computers that are left out for curbside trash removal or discarded in dumpsters are easy prey for identity thieves.  According to a study conducted by, “dumpster diving” is now one of the primary ways identity thieves get access to personal and business information.

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