State Laws & Regulations

scrap metal at All American Recycling in Austin

At All American Recycling, we adhere to the following state laws, regulations and procedures:

  • You must have a valid state issued ID to sell all materials excluding tin, iron, and aluminum cans. Passports and consulate ID cards are not acceptable forms of identification to sell materials.
  • All motor vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, etc.) require a clear title to recycle.
  • We cannot accept stainless steel kegs, per Texas state law enacted September 1, 2011.
  • We cannot accept city or state road signs, fire hydrants, or cemetery vases or urns.
  • Air conditioning components (excluding window units) require an HVAC license, original receipt of purchase with the seller’s name and address on it, or a letter on company letterhead from an A/C company.

As All American Recycling is an upstanding company in the greater Austin, Texas community, please help us uphold these procedures and policies. And THANK YOU for your continued business!

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