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We offer pick up service and drop-off containers to make it easy for our industrial accounts and individuals with large quantities of metal or electrical recyclables. We are interested in setting up a long-term relationship that is beneficial to you.

Whether you’re an individual with a one-time recycling need or a business with ongoing recycling requirements, look to All American Recycling in Austin for the best prices and customer service that’s second to none.

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  1. I have a steady supply of about 2 bags per week. Is there anyway to get a pick up scheduled for an individual with a fairly significant amount, and is that still ‘paid for’? Or do you just haul it off?

    • Pickup service of residential its not something that we do, we do commercial pickups. If you would like to bring it into us we will be more that happy to take them.

  2. Rachel Fortuna says

    Hi there,

    We are doing a commercial kitchen remodel soon and will need to have some scrap metal removed during and after the process. It will mostly be aluminum and stainless steel materials (hoods, counters, refridgerators, etc). Could you please send me a quote for this? 

    Thank you,