Pull tabs from aluminum cans at All American Recycling in Austin

What Our Customers Say about Our Recycling Services


“I believe All American Recycling offers the best prices on recycling in our area. I feel very welcome at All American Recycling by all employees; they know me on a first name basis. I’m treated with the mot respect by all of the employees at All American Recycling. And they know what the materials are and if they aren’t sure they converse amongst themselves to find out what to call items that may be somewhat undetermined. “

Lorie Holstine


“I feel that All American Recycling is ahead of the competition. They treat you fair as a customer and the employees are well educated on the materials. With a friendly staff and willingness to satisfy you as a customer, all American Recycling is who I’d rather continuously do business with. Great prices on materials! Thanks All American Recycling!”

– Derloris Clay


“It’s a great place to be, never had a flat at this yard unlike some other places. They’re fast and have things in order.”

Sam Parker


“All American offers the best prices anywhere. I have gone to other recycle places and haven’t been attended to or treated as good as here. All staff is helpful and friendly, I would go any other place and recommend you bring your business to All American Recycling.”

Daniel Savedra


“I have been selling to All American Recycling for about four years and I wish they were closer to me because they have the best prices in the metro area. They have always treated me like a preferred customer. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable about materials.”

Monte Crow